Our Wedding Pictures   


Here are some pictures of my family when we got married in March of 2005:                

Neal, Katrina, Olivia, & Alex


Olivia & Alex


Olivia & Alex


(Katrina's grandparents) Billie & Margie Wright, Neal with Alex, Katrina with Olivia,
and (Katrina's parents) Tonia & Huie Dye

(Neal's cousin) Rick Guilliams, (Neal's uncle) Gary Lewis, (Neal's brother) Osie Worgull,
Neal with Alex, Katrina with Olivia, (Neal's aunt) Wilma Lewis,
(Neal's cousins) Jeania Lewis and Gary Warren Lewis

(Neal's sister Alice Wiltshire (next to Neal) ,Alice's husband Tom) and his daughter Rachael
Olivia is below Alice & Alex's head is below Neal (I think he ducked!) and Katrina on the right.

(Katrina's cousin) Elishia Wright, Neal, Katrina & (Katrina's uncle) Tony


We had bubbles blowing





Grandmaw made the cake & we both did the flowers

Grandmaw & I did all our food trays - these pictures aren't very good.

Grandmaw carved the watermelon basket & the cantaloupe swan


People who were there:

In the background:
Paula Perrett, Krista (Dylan's mom),
Sue(Paula's friend), Olivia, Papaw, Kenny Dye

Larry WIlson & his friend Cheryl


Dustin's girlfriend,Whitney & Uncle Winton


Uncle Ronny & Aunt Carolyn Wright


Tiffany & Clay Landrum

Melissa (Kenny Dye's daughter)
& her husband James

The Reception:

These two pictures are self-explanitory!

Wilma, Jeania, & Neal

Rachael, Alice with Olivia & Alex. Jeania in the background

My brother, Shane & me,Katrina

Dustin Wright & his girlfriend Whitney

Neal, Uncle Gary, Krista, Shane, & Huie

Uncle Winton Wright & Jeania Lewis

Tiffany had been my friend since 5th grade (about 1988)

Mikey Keown is (Katrina's cousin) Elishia's boyfriend



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