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Worgull Reunion 2011   

Grace & David fly to Atlanta, drive to Augusta to meet Neal, Katrina, Olivia & Alex.
Then we drive to Conyers to meet Alice, Amanda & Tammy.

Alice & Grace meet

Tammy & Grace meet

Grace & Alice

David & Neal



Alex, Olivia, & Tammy

We all drive through Atlanta to Lisa's to meet the rest of the family:

Olivia, Neal, Angela(holding Addison), & Osie

Olivia, Neal, Grace, Angela(with Addison)

Alex & Devin fixin a plate

Grace, Devin, Barbara & Alex

Does it run in the family?!

Olivia, Sherman, Brittany, Osie (holding Addison), Angela

Barbara, Tammy, Angela, Osie with Addison

Alex & Drake eating

Tammy & Sherman cooking

Lisa, Barbara & Amanda

Khristian & Gabby eating

Tammy, Lisa, Grace, & Alice

Sherman, Tammy, Neal & Angela's brother

Sherman, Neal & Angela's brother telling "fish tales"

Kinta, Barbara & Khristian Hamilton

Grace Violette & David Conja

Drake, Addison, Angela, Osie & Gabriella Worgull

Olivia, Neal, Katrina & Alex Worgull

Alice Wiltshire & Amanda Parker

Barbara Hamilton, Tammy & Jacob Camp & Brittany Yancey

Kyle Moon, Lisa & Sherman Bennett
(Devin went to his game & Shaquille is missing)

Sherman & Lisa are awaiting their grandbaby
(Shaq's baby mama)

Kyle & Lisa

It's very difficult to try & get a big group to smile at once -
Heck, we can't even get everyone to look at the camera at one time!
Here are a few tries:


Just the brothers & sisters:



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