Katrina's Cookbook

Holiday To-Do List

To do list for the day before the holiday:

(Do these things the day before the holiday so that you have less to do the day of!) 

Chop & Boil Potatoes
Boil Eggs
Boil Squash & Onions
Boil Chicken
Boil Sweet Potatoes
Mix Potato Salad
Make Devilled Eggs
Make Sweet-Potato pie
Make Sweet-Potato Casserole
Mix English Pea Casserole (do not cook)
Mix Squash Casserole (do not cook)
Mix Dressing & Gravy (do not cook)
Make Pistachio Salad

To do list for the morning of the holiday:

Bake Macaroni & Cheese
Bake English Pea Casserole
Bake Squash Casserole
Heat Ham
Make Banana Pudding
Open Canned Items & Heat
Bake Rolls
Heat Gravy & thicken & add eggs