Katrina's Cookbook

Ketogenic Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream
(from Ketogenic Desserts and Snacks-John Richards)

1 cup cottage cheese
2 tsp. heavy cream
1 scoop protein powder
    (chocolate is best)
2 tbsp. natural smooth peanut butter
6 drops liquid sweetener

**Makes 2 servings

-In a large mixing bowl, combine your sweetener with your heavy cream, peanut butter and cottage cheese. Using an immersion blender, mix together all of your ingredients until you get a smooth consistency.

-Once well mixed, add in your protein powder and mix again until your powder in incorporated.

-Separate your mixture between two bowls and freeze for an hour before serving.


Servings: 2
Nutrition Per Serving
Calories: 362.6
Fat: 21.6g
Protein: 29.4g
Carbs: 14.4g
Sugar 2.3g
Fiber: 3.5g



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